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Converting an atheist June 17, 2006

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Yesterday started in a mundane manner.

Went to the office, worked there for 8 hours and came back. It had just rained some by the time I reached home. Start of the weekend and hence decided to watch a movie. A hopeless traffic jam destroyed that plan.

While returning back home, I saw a sight.

Why am I writing this pointless drivel? Because that sight converted the atheist in me into a believer.(for the next ten minutes.:-))
(I know. The earlier crap is still not required. But that was to take some space up.;-))

This is what I saw.

And this


And this

And this

This was actually followed by a passenger plane taking off into this wonderful sky from the airport nearby, but couldnt capture that.

So,am thankful for the view I was treated to yesterday.
Readers, enjoy!