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SavePuneTraffic.com December 1, 2005

Posted by Nilesh in Uncategorized.

I've just come across this very relevant and essential effort on to improve the traffic conditions in Pune at http://www.savepunetraffic.com.

As I've already appealed in this post of mine, it's necessary that each and every user of the traffic system does his/her part by following the rules.

Let us put in our contribution to help build a sound traffic system where we will not have to see 'PMT bus overruns a scooter, 2 dead' or 'Truck and Tempo collision. 3 dead, 7 injured' everyday in the newspapers. Let us shed the that-doesnt-happen-to-me mentality before its too late. Let us save some innocent lives!!

This is a poetic appeal by Rajendra Sidhaye, the initiator of this campaign.

"Enough of this messy-traffic, let's all cleanse it!
Come on Puneites, Let's all do it!!

Look at our beloved city, where is it going!
Go on any road and see frustration is flowing.
Enough is really enough, let's all stop it!
Come on Puneites, Let's all do it!!

Ask "Who is responsible" and hear else's name
But breaking rules on road, is everybody's game!
Is this city or a zoo, let's first decide it.
Come on Puneites, Let's all do it!!

May be you are a cyclist, or drive a four wheeler
May you be any citizen, or the Pune Mayor
Come on join hands, let's all achieve it!
Come on Puneites, Let's all do it!!

Do not give up folks, It's not yet too late,
else "dying on the road", will be the only fate!
Answer is within us, let's all find it!
Come on Puneites, Let's all do it!!"

I,for one, am pledging my complete support to the cause!



1. Soham Pablo - December 1, 2005

Hear hear !
With you man.–>

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