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A farewell May 17, 2005

Posted by Nilesh in Uncategorized.

I will be coming to work for Hexaware,the company I work in, for the last time on Friday,20th May.(atleast in the foreseeable future:-)).

I dont intend to turn this blog into one of those soporific farewell speeches. Would keep it short and sweet. I’ve been with the company for 2 yrs now.

So, good bye Hexaware!! Had some great and some not so great times with you. 🙂
I must take your leave for broader avenues (oh so cliched.:-))

Good bye.



1. Anonymous - May 18, 2005

Hey, a farewell when u jump jobs is always a happy occasion!

2. arnold - June 1, 2005

i dunno if u check the blog often or not… but posting a comment in any case… was readin an post on life in the software industry… seemed pretty encouraging since i’ll be graduating with a BE Comp degree in a year or so… !!

3. Nilesh - June 1, 2005

well,welcome to the industry(whenever u do..:-))..yes,like i said,its
fun..i wouldnt want to be doing anything else..

drop ur comments or questions and i’ll surely reply!!

4. Dagny - June 10, 2005

a well written blog…but not tht frequently written blog..

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