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Indian Idol February 5, 2005

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Most of you must be aware of the current hottest serial on air in India- The Indian Idol. For the uninitiated, its mainly a singing talent search with emphasis also on the presentablity and the contestant’s ability to perform.

The final four contestants left in the fray are
Prajakta Shukre
Rahul Vaidya
Abhijeet Sawant
Amit Sana.

I have been following this serial and public preferences very closely. Will share my views on it.

Prajakta Shukre is a very good singer,though maybe not as good as the other three, but with a cute face stands a good chance. However, in my opinion she has overdone the glamdoll image with people associating her with glamour more than her singing. This, I think, eventually is going to be her undoing.

Rahul Vaidya, a great singer and with a very pleasant look is my personal favourite. He is supremely confident to the point of being a tad bit indifferent to the happenings. It doesnt seem that he really fears that he can be voted out. He is confident that at the end of it all, he is going to win.He almost knows it,that is the level if confidence he has in himself.
However, this is being perceived by the people as arrogance. He actually repels some people. I think that is how people are-the moment they see somebody with slightest of confidence in himself and in his ability, they feel it is arrogance. But, I sure hope Rahul wins.

Abhijeet Sawant, is a very good singer,maybe as good as Rahul is,with a shy and ‘shareef’ image. He also has a huge fan following. He is a modest person. This makes him a favorite with many people. His modest demeanour gets perceived as a subconscious call for support (if not a plea) with people to get him through,inspite of his talent. And people like that. People like somebody so talented dependent on them for their votes. They look at him as a ‘apna insaan’. They vote for him.

This was also the reaction of the public for Ravinder Ravi (who was voted out yesterday). However, Abhijeet is way above Ravinder in terms of talent. In case of Ravinder, people voted for him mainly because he was from a extremely poor background, inspite of being the worst singer around.

People tend to support whoever NEEDS their support. They feel a moral high in voting for such a person. Rahul Vaidya almost knows that he can make it on his talent. He wants votes but he doesnt need them. That is why people find him arrogant.

Amit Sana, is probably the best of all four singers. However, he is the worst looking. He is also very under-confident. It will be very sad if he is voted out but i guess it is unevitable. If only he was average looking!!

So, thus stands The Indian Idol- a very enjoyable program for me who loves singing.
My thursday evening agenda now has one definite fixture on it.:-)