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Love – Revisited!! November 10, 2004

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Here is something I would like to think on.
Will write in a very conversational manner.

Is it a given that a person can love(love as in love for gf/bf,husband/wife) only one person at a time?If yes, is it right? Is it right for somebody to expect that his/her spouse should love only him/her? Lets look at in detail.

We know that every person is different. Also, every person is not perfect and has positives and negatives. Love for gf/bf has always outweighed the plusses over the minuses.There are certain qualities we adore in the person we love. There might be some more qualities we love which that person may not have. Can one not love some other person for those qualities? And can one not love these individuals with equal intensity?

Lets look at it from the perspective of the person who has been supposedly cheated. Is it possible to not let it affect you that your spouse loves somebody else too?Human emotions of jealousy and possesiveness prevent it.Can one love a person and not try to own him/her? Is it an insecurity of being left alone with nobody that we cannot bear to see that person with somebody else too?Can one love freely without expecting anything in return? There are so many varied people in this world.Is it right to try and bind that person to just one person for all his life?After all ,he/she too has only one life.Is this the greatest kind of moksha one can achieve?

Looking at it from the society perspective, is marriage a concept devised to feed the human insecurity about being lonely in life? Has society condemned the concept of loving more than one person and termed it as infidelity to assure the other person that ‘yes, you will have somebody with you all your life.You will not be left alone’.

And all this applies to physical attraction too, doesnt it?Only that physical freedom can lead to societal problems like bastards, single mothers, STDs and stuff. So there is a line drawn between societal restrictions and personal freedom.

Inspite of all the questions I’ve posed above, when it comes to me, I am way behind that moksha state. Am not yet sure I even WANT to achieve that state of mind.

But yes, I’m sure I need to think some more on this. What do you think?


Softwaray namah!! November 1, 2004

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Its’ been almost 2 years I’ve been working in the software industry now. This fast-paced, deadline driven life in the industry has a thrill of it’s own. Setting goals, project as well as small term personal ones, working hard to achieve them and finally smelling sweet success is fulfilling, I must say.

The scenario of young people like me (I’m 23) having well charted out career plans,their dogged determination to get there and the ways(sometimes not so ethical:-)) to do that is very exciting.

Well,its not hunky-dory all the time. The stress the deadlines bring with them isn’t fun at all. Frustrations on the kind of pay one earns, onsite opportunities, the kind of work one gets , all this adds to the woes. Highly co-operative managers do their best to increase the stress..;-)..

But all in all, I’m very glad to be in this industry.(though am in the trough right now due to one of the above reasons!!:-))..