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Is Australia on its way to conquer the Final Frontier? October 28, 2004

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Day 3 of the third test,Australia are 114/2 in the second innings,lead by 327 runs!!

Is this going to be it? Is the Australian dream of winning a test series in India coming true? Will the Indians , who desperately wish that Nagpur becomes the Eden Garden of 2001, have to face disappointment? Will Sachin Tendulkar bail us out of this situation,once again?

Questions galore at this moment. Anxious faces looking expectedly at the Indian bowlers to bring about an Australian collapse and the batsman to follow it up with a stellar performance to draw the test. That will be an achievement in itself!

Time,like it always does, will tell what happens of this test.Till then, I am going to keep my eyes rivetted on the cell for the scores…(wish they put a TV in the office canteen or somewhere.:-))

Parallely, the news is that they have found nothing medically wrong with Ganguly!! Why is he out then?This is bad..I like the captain in him. Hope there is nothing sinister in here!!
He needs to get his form back to its peak. I am waiting for that day!!


Inception!! October 26, 2004

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Hi all!!!!!

Am posting my first blog ever. Have no idea what I am going to follow this up with!
But hey, doesn’t matter.:-)

Will keep on rambling on something or the other I think.

Cya whoever-is-reading-this.